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Our First Featured Artisan: Salado Glassworks

When the idea of luckythankyou started forming in my mind, I knew one thing for certain. Salado Glassworks had to be part of it. I think sending the email to Gail with my vision and waiting to see if he had ANY interest in taking a little leap of faith was probably the most nerve wracking thing I’ve done to date with this endeavor. I am consciously working to not be tied to any outcome and follow the flow of wherever this path leads. But in this instance, I REALLY wanted them to be part of this grand adventure. And as much as I...

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Meet Laki

Anyone who receives a luckythankyou surprise will surely notice our little honu that pops up all over the place. What’s up with that little dude/lady? Well, you know it has a story! After the luckythankyou name struck (that is a story of divine kismet in itself!), Brent & I started brainstorming logo ideas. When looking up symbols for “luck”, Brent found the honu. Since we spent our first big vacation (and honeymoon) in North Shore, we’ve both been drawn to the culture and spirit of the island. It perfectly embodies every feeling we hope to convey with the company, so it felt...

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Dessert Happened

This company has been one big lesson – one in surrender, authenticity, soul and instinct (among many, many other things!). I have had to throw out everything I’ve ever learned, all the elements of protocol, and covered my ears to the endless amount of advice thrown my way. Not that I don’t welcome guidance, thoughtful opinion and well meaning advice – but every time I hear the word “should” I shut down. I’ve lived my life following the path of “shoulds”, I think it time to try something else on for size. As the visual elements of my LTY gift...

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Welcome to My World

Greetings! Thank you for making the space and time to explore the world of luckythankyou. As I’ve thought through what kind of company I wanted to build in luckythankyou, a blog has always been a constant must in my mind. I have plenty of thoughts behind what I want this space to look like, and of course it follows no straight course. I want you all to know me, because the more the company comes to light – the softer the line of where Lisa ends and LTY begins grows. Maybe that’s not a good thing, but it’s a real thing....

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