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Meet Laki

Anyone who receives a luckythankyou surprise will surely notice our little honu that pops up all over the place. What’s up with that little dude/lady? Well, you know it has a story!

After the luckythankyou name struck (that is a story of divine kismet in itself!), Brent & I started brainstorming logo ideas. When looking up symbols for “luck”, Brent found the honu. Since we spent our first big vacation (and honeymoon) in North Shore, we’ve both been drawn to the culture and spirit of the island. It perfectly embodies every feeling we hope to convey with the company, so it felt like the perfect starting point. Then went on the search for “thank you”, and as luck would have it – the Hawaiian symbol of gratitude is the perfect symbol to fit a turtle shell. SHA-ZAM!

After a few misses in trying to make the grateful honu, I called on the artistic expertise of my Mother-In-Law. The two of us spent an afternoon, heads buried, as we copied and traced and tried to create the perfect symbol that captured both meanings. After several attempts, our little mascot was born.

My sister-in-law Lindsey named the little guy, and she got the coloring bug in her. In case  you haven’t noticed, I can’t stick to a single color. So we’ve got lots of little LTY honu, each with their own personality, just waiting to emerge.

  We’ve got a tribe!

So this is the formal introduction of Laki, our little LTY emblem. The honu is a symbol of good luck and fortune, with the shell symbolizing “gratitude”.  Our little mascot serves as a token of luck, with a little reminder to us all to be thankful for all life brings. luckythankyou

– XO

Celebrating our creation. Cheers!

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