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Our First Featured Artisan: Salado Glassworks

When the idea of luckythankyou started forming in my mind, I knew one thing for certain. Salado Glassworks had to be part of it. I think sending the email to Gail with my vision and waiting to see if he had ANY interest in taking a little leap of faith was probably the most nerve wracking thing I’ve done to date with this endeavor. I am consciously working to not be tied to any outcome and follow the flow of wherever this path leads. But in this instance, I REALLY wanted them to be part of this grand adventure. And as much as I practiced non-attachment, the hope always crept in as I waited. Needless to say, the day he responded was a monumental day for the LTY kickoff.

I have been a borderline-stalker to Salado Glassworks for years. We’ve done private ornament parties for the past 2 Christmases, pumpkins in the Fall, hearts for Valentine’s, eggs in the Spring, and beer mugs in between. After every visit, the group of people who want to join the next outing grows. It’s a given – as soon as a new event is announced, the messages start swirling to set a date. I may be hooked, but I have brought plenty along to join in my addiction. 


There’s something magical about this not-so-little-anymore studio in Salado. The infection sets as soon as you walk in the doors. Not only is their work absolutely stunning, but the heart and personality of the place is unmatched. Gail (master of the glass), Jessica(ace marketer and photographer extraordinaire), Aaron (glassblowing and metal working pro), Bob (who started it all), Sara(glassblower & jewelry maker) and Michael (the apprentice) bring an energy that can’t be faked. Everyone who walks in the door feels welcome, and after so long – you just start to feel like it’s a growing family. They bring fun and beauty into everything they do, every day. (I’m sure the keg of beer out back doesn’t hurt.) They just embody artist, and they’re the type of people you want to be around.. and SUPPORT.


So with ALL that being said, having Salado Glassworks as my first featured artisan is a no brainer. I keep every piece I buy securely wrapped until it’s ready to be gifted, so I can capture the excitement in discovery with each new creation when their LTY box comes to life. It’s an experience for me, and it brings me glee to see the delightful colors and intricacy in each piece. There’s no cookie cutter anything with these beauties. Each has its own style, and takes on its own unique feel. I’m excited to be able to share this mystical place with the LTY growing community, and in sending their glass – we will be sending so much good juju energy, it covers me with goosebumps to think of it!

Beautiful handblown glass wine stopper, each one unique.

As a featured artist, Salado Glassworks will be featured in our Random Shot of Sunshine. Priced under $40 (including other fun treats & donation to supported cause!), this gift will bring a Ray of Light to a special someone’s day.




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