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About Us

luckythankyou is a concept that probably has been cooking in my soul for most of my life. For as long as I can remember, creating beautiful gift packages has always been my ultimate joy. My favorite days are those spent at the local markets, finding a hidden gem, meeting the vendors and finding the perfect item to tie together for whatever occasion I am shopping for. It’s something I have always done, and it’s where I feel most zen.

As I spent my career moving from city to city, job to job trying to find my “Bliss”, never did it occur to me that this could be IT. 

The lightbulb turned on during a not-so-great occasion. I wanted to send something to my sister-in-law, who had been in and out of the hospital. I was knee deep in year-end close and simply did not have the time to spend 2 days shopping for the perfect gift. Every gift basket I found online was full of garbage that I would never use – let alone give to someone else. As I begrudgingly paid close to $100 for a bouquet of crappy flowers, I had my Eureka moment.

luckythankyou was born

luckythankyou is a passion project, both mine and all of my partner artisans featured in my gift boxes. Every thing that touches my gift boxes is full of love and soul. I search out every item that goes into it, and I hope to highlight all of my favorite merchants and artisans that I’ve grown to know and love over time. I search out quality ingredients, sustainable products and items that support local communities – from people who are nice, real, and honest. I support local, I support organic, I support people – not corporate profit.

My vision allows a model that gives back – not only to supported non-profits, but also in spreading the message of kindness and paying-it-forward to our customers and subscribers. I have a lot of exciting, fun things to do to spread the love and message of luckythankyou. So stay tuned, and sign up! You never know what kind of lucky surprise you may find.

Change starts here. Let’s start a movement. Are you in?