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Custom & Client Gifting


Knowing just how much someone cares is the true beauty of receiving a luckythankyou gift. Like what's on the site, but want something truly unique? We've got you! Let us create something individual and super customized for you. Our gifts on the site are only a fraction of all the awesomeness we carry. We will happily create an individual custom creation JUST FOR YOU! Please contact us  to get started!

(We request a minimum of 3-5 business days lead time before custom gifts are ready to ship. We will send you a detailed questionnaire, with information on what to expect in the process. Single Custom Gifts start at $75.)


Do you gift to show client and employee appreciation? Do you have an event where you would like to gift something special and unique? Why not break away from the monotony of habit, and let luckythankyou create something that shows you truly care!

Working with our local artisans and fellow small businesses, luckythankyou will create a unique gift that fits your company personality and leaves a lasting impression. Think of us as your personal gifting concierge. 

We will meet with you to learn your company culture and flavor, budget and gifting scenarios. We can integrate your own marketing pieces into the mix, or come up with some unique branding options that will leave a lasting impression. Let us be your go-to gift giver, and we'll turn the frantic hassle of last-minute buying into an experience of all fun.

Please contact us to set up an initial meeting, and we'll go from there!