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What do you mean by “Local”?

We are an Austin based company, and many of our artisans and merchants are from the Austin area. However, I use the word “local” to describe the small independent business community and individual makers in general. I will have geographic specific boxes, where everything sourced comes from that given area. However in using the descriptor “local”, I see a bigger picture of small business and local, US based economies. I am a strong supporter of small business and entrepreneurship. When we build up small business, mom-and-pops, independent artisans and stand-alone entrepreneurs – the money goes back to the people within the community. I’m not one for borders, so I have a pretty large view of what community looks like! (Basically, I have no intention of lining any big business, faceless pocket. I’d rather work on smaller margins than step foot into mass production, soulless corporate territory!)

Is EVERYTHING American made?

From my tissue paper and filler to products found inside the boxes, I would say 90% of the items sourced in luckythankyou boxes are American made.  I take great effort to find American made products and will always lean towards the independent artisan when given a choice. There are some accessory products that are just not feasible to source locally (both cost wise and production wise), and there are a handful of items that I love so much I have to carry them despite their origins (though do check that they adhere to fair labor standards). In addition to locally sourced goodness, I also fully support Fair Trade efforts. I will also include items that help impoverished regions by providing living wages. In essence, any exceptions have well thought out reasons behind them. Decisions to break my own rule do not come lightly, and I feel confident you will support the thought process behind it.

What is the turnaround time to receive my order?

Not only do I support small start ups and entrepreneurs, I am one myself. Which translates to: I do it all, and I really want to hold onto the personalized touch of every gift. Each gift has energy and intention behind it, and being able to keep that feel does take time.  It usually will take 3-5 business days to prepare an order for shipment, and almost all packages are sent via USPS Priority mail (2-3 day shipment). If you are in a pinch and need something immediate, please email me  ( I will do my very best to tighten that window to meet your special day.

They didn’t like one of the items. Can we return it?

I put so much thought and care into everything that goes into my gift boxes, I am absolutely convinced everyone will love the gift they open. However I know some people can be finicky. If I am given any aversions or allergies in advance (just make note in order when checking out), I will work to tweak the gift to fit those requests. Because the amount of time I spend on each individual box, the sale is final once the order has been processed. The good thing is – my products are great, and I don’t put filler, disposable garbage in my gift boxes. So if someone doesn’t love a particular item, we fully support re-gifting.

With that being said, if any item is damaged or spoiled, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will remedy the situation. We stand behind our product, and have no desire to send out anything that is subpar.

 I like one box, but can you tweak it?

Absolutely! Our pre-conceived gifts on the site are to give an idea of options, but you are by no means limited to it! If a particular gift has an item that is not quite right for your person, put it in the notes and we will swap it out for something of similar value. Remember - the more information you give, the more we can work to suit it to your recipient's tastes. I know.. people can be picky, but each box takes quite a bit of time to create. So if it does look like the entire gift is being re-imagined, we will need to turn it to a custom order. But we are a-okay with tweaks here and there. We want them to love it!

How does the custom work?

Most of our LTY orders are true custom gifts. That means, we get general parameters for the gift from you and run with it. If you are interested in a custom gift, you will receive a questionnaire to complete to tell us about the recipient, budget and time frame. Our direct interaction with you will depend on the size of the gift order and turnaround time. We have a lot of makers we work with that create some AMAZINGLY one of a kind, breathtaking pieces that can be super individualized. So the more budget and time we have, the more creative we can get! Once complete, we send pictures of the gift for you to see exactly what the receiver does. We want you to feel part of the process too! 

Is this a subscription service?

There are a lot of really great subscription services out there, but we are not one of them. The vision of luckythankyou doesn't match up with the subscription model. Our goal is to deliver unique, individualized creations that are a gifting EXPERIENCE. There is no way to deliver the quality of presentation we do while adhering to the subscription model. As a personal subscription box junkie, I see value in them. But the value of what we create is MUCH better! (With that being said... I am working on an element of surprise that can deliver something similar, while maintaining the LTY appeal. Stay tuned.....)