paying-it-forward, one gift at a time
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Pay It Forward

luckythankyou was built on the foundation of giving. Of course we love our gifts, but the more heart filled element of this company is our commitment to paying it forward, in everything we do. 

LTY works to align ourself with suppliers and businesses that fully embrace the pay-it-forward mindset. Many products featured in our gifts support selected non-profits, and fair-trade suppliers help build lives in providing living wages in developing areas.

In the full luckythankyou spirit, we work with partner companies to create exclusive custom LTY-inspired gifts to help local fundraising auctions, where all funds go directly to benefit our partner organizations.

From supporting the local and small business communities to hosting special fundraising and random acts of kindness themed events to our "Letters of Love" initiative, everything is done with intention. Everyone will feel part of the giving.

The goal of this company is bringing goodness to the community and the world around, through whatever mode of delivery we can!

Featured Partner Organizations

Austin Sunshine Camps

Austin Sunshine Camps was established by the Young Business League in 1928 and has since served youth living near or below the poverty line. Their programs enrich the community by encouraging and facilitating the power to succeed through education and healthy living.  Built on a mission to empower youth through education and outdoor experiences, Austin Sunshine Camps works to ignite infinite possibilities for Austin’s youth. Austin YMBL Sunshine Camps renders the space and comfort kids need to look beyond their current situation and dream big.

Austin Angels

Austin Angels is a non-profit that focuses on impact. To this group, serving is everything, and they hold an underlying belief in helping others and taking full ownership and responsibility for our community. The heartbeat of Austin Angels is and will always be about promoting LOVE and sharing this in everything they do. They do 4 major service projects a year and deliver monthly love boxes for foster care children and their care takers, our very deserving military men and women and our homeless community. They are on a Crusade for Change.


Check out some of our previous custom creations, auctioned to support partner non-profits. Fundraising baskets were all created with contributions from area small businesses and makers, showing a true testament of the power of community.