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the gift of luckythankyou

In today's fast paced world, sometimes there simply are not enough hours in the day (or week!) to seek, find and create the perfect gift that speaks from the heart. With the modern conveniences technology has offered, gift giving has become an easy click of the mouse away. But if you take your gift giving seriously (like me!), finding something to give that's different and heartfelt can be a task! And if you are someone who really cares about what your purchases support, forget it! Who has that kind of time? So ultimately, we end up settling with something that will do but is lacking the feel we so much want to share.

luckythankyou creates beautiful, unique and fun gift boxes that delight, inspire and amuse. Our gifts are filled with specially sourced, high quality products that support sustainability, people pursuing their passion, and all good vibes. LTY was built with a mission to spread the message of paying it forward; and I endeavor to support the local community and do goodness with everything we do. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

LTY gifts are special, made from pure passion and good juju. This energy is felt, and opening our gifts feels like a receiving a big hug.  Whether you are giving or receiving a luckythankyou gift, it's an experience - filled with heart, soul, and all things good. These boxes of sunshine bring love and light to the world, while leaving behind positive messaging that can be carried forward to spread.

From the beautiful scents to the gorgeous color coordination of packaging, our gift boxes are a delight to all senses. And because we celebrate the beauty of individuality, no two boxes will ever be exactly the same. Because what two people are?

Give a Little Heart

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