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Surprise Me!

$ 35.00

Don't we all deserve a feel good moment? We all are so giving of our time and selves, sometimes we forget to Treat OURSELVES! 

Nothing makes me feel more inspired and connected than creating something for people with no restraints, and this is the perfect way to spread the love. So here's the deal....

You give me liberty to freely create for your enjoyment. My gifts are designed to Delight, Inspire & Amuse. You may not love all the pieces (that's the gamble, friend! I am a huge fan of re-gifting), but I promise it will bring you joy!

This is not a subscription box. I don't know the value of the contents, because I have no idea what's going in it until I start building. But the "I Deserve It!" option would typically range $40 - $50 & the"Spoil Me!" gifts would typically price $60-$75. If you've ever received or given one of my LTY custom gifts, you know I tend to go a bit crazy with no constraints. Be forewarned.

Are you feeling lucky? If so, let me SURPRISE YOU! I love spreading heart.

* Due to the personalized nature of these gifts, the turnaround time will by 5-10 business days to ship.

*Getting to know you .... give me your Instagram handle, and I'll try to get a feel for personalization. 

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